Northwestern College
Dining Services
101 7th St. SW
Orange City, IA 51041

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UAA Seawolf Dining

Dining news

Sodexo’s Diversity Vision Statement
Diversity and Inclusion is an inherent part of our culture and business growth. The energy and talent at all levels of the organization is unleashed through the varied cultures and personalities of our employees. Our teams contribute innovaion and expertise unsurpassed in the industries we serve. With diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage, Sodexo is an employer of choice and the benchmark for customers, clients, and communities.

Conversion to Zero Trans-Fats Oils
Sodexo celebrates its three-year anniversary of the conversion to zero trans-fat oil products in all foodservice operations nationwide. Zero Trans-Fats products include salad dressings, sauces, soups, breads, muffins, cereals, pasta, breaded chicken, eggs, tortillas, oils and a range of other items.

THE CAFE - Northwestern College's resident dining hall which has been recently rennovated.

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